Incorporated in 1986 Asbury Development Corp. is celebrating over 20 years in business and over
200 homes built. Never wanting to be the biggest, Asbury is content in building long lasting homes and
long lasting relationships. Starting with a war chest of $3,000.00 borrowed from his wife's IRA, the
owner Jeff Collins, built one house, sold it, started another, sold it and thus began the success of
Asbury. Never into slick advertising or decorated models, Jeff takes the time to get to know each of his
homeowners, learn their particular needs and desires, transforms
them from ideas to blueprints and finally constructs them into a home that
everyone will be proud of. In fact Jeff and his family live in one of their
subdivisions, Asbury Park.

Asbury has expanded into commercial building (new construction and tenant
finish) as well as remodeling and basement finish to further serve the needs of
our customers. Please click on the "commercial" and "remodeling" buttons on
our gallery page to learn more about these.

Should you have an interest in an Asbury Home, click the email button or
call Jeff at (303)456-9820, set up an appointment with him, visit him in
Asbury's world headquarters (aka his home) have a coke or coffee and see if
it fits your needs. No hype, if it works great, if not no worries.

Thank you!